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About Peterborough Chiropody & Podiatry

I am Charles Sayegh and I own and manage Peterborough Chiropody and Podiatry. I qualified from University College Northampton in 2002, with a BSc (Hons) Podiatry.

Charles Sayegh

Degree Qualified Podiatrist

As well as a heavy theoretical workload, the course entailed between 1 and 2 FULL days in clinic as well as a clinical placement within an NHS setting.

NHS Experience

Since graduating, I have worked for Peterborough NHS (dealing with a wide variety of patients suffering from a number of underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and circulatory disorders), and also for Scholl (stores in Cambridge, Nottingham, Islington, Northampton)

I regularly attend update courses and branch meetings of the Cambridgeshire branch of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

I have found such events VERY USEFUL in obtaining the most UP TO DATE findings that enable me to provide a better service to my patients. It was as a result of this that in March 2007 I completely revised my treatment strategy for the treatment of verrucas and heel pain.

Clean, modern, and professionally equipped surgery

Everything used on my patients is either disposable or sterilised to the approved standards of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists to minimise the risk of cross infection.

Contaminated instruments are cleaned immediately after use, by means of a wire brush to eliminate any large debris and an ultrasonic cleaner  to remove any fine particulate matter.

The instruments are then rinsed.The instruments are then put in autoclave, this being the recommended form of sterilising. 134°C at 2 bar for 3 minutes.

The instruments are then stored in an ultra-violet cabinet (pictured above). This inhibits the growth of any micro-organsims. Disposable blades and needles are placed in a special sharps container. Clinical waste is put in a special sack. This is collected on a regular basis by an approved company who hold a license to dispose of this type of waste legally.

Please note: it is a legal requirement to have your steriliser serviced annually by a qualified engineer.

With regard to chiropody procedures, unless allergic, the patient’s foot is sprayed with an antiseptic spray containing Chlorexidine. The couch is also sprayed with an antiseptic spray.

What patients say

“Charles is extremely knowledgeable about his profession and gives good
accurate advice without any charge... having used his services over the last few years I would not go to back
to my previous chiropodist or any other chiropodist because I think Charles is
treats me fairly and effectively”

Gunthorpe, Peterborough

“When we came to Werrington, we initially had Charles for a home visit. During that visit, he said to us that he could do a far better service at his surgery, and were we absolutely sure that we couldn't get to his surgery. We have been attending his surgery ever since, and find him to be more thorough than the last person that we had, particularly with regards to my heels”

Werrington, Peterborough

“I have thickened nails. I used to go to someone to have them treated. The person that I went to, encouraged me to return after 6 weeks to have them reduced again. I have been going to see Charles for several years now. I find him much more thorough in his approach”

Walton, Peterborough

“I used to have someone else but they were on holiday once and I couldn't get an appointment when I wanted one . I went to see Charles. At the first appointment, the first thing that Charles noticed was the fact that I had athletes foot. I have never ever been told this in several appointments over a time frame by the
other chiropodist. He said that the length of time that I had had the athletes foot untreated explained why I had developed fungal nails. He also gave me both short term, and long term advice on how to deal with this / the prognosis. I also have hard skin. He told me how to prevent this / delay it from returning.
And I am not talking about me using a foot file. either! The other person never once told me this. Although the cost of the appointment itself is more expensive than the other person, I find Charles far better value for money”

Hampton, Peterborough

“I used to have someone attend once every 6 weeks. Charles came at the end of May, did far more for my nails in 1 visit and I didn't need him until early November”

Park Ward, Peterborough

“Charles was concerned that something on my leg was taking a long time to heal (over 1 year). A nurse had been dealing with dressing the "ulcer". Although I attend his clinic for nail cutting, he was concerned at this and wrote to the GP so that a further investigation along separate lines could be carried out
(this was as a result of a lecture he had attended). As a result, the GP's surgery have taken a completely different approach to treating the problem and have referred me to the hospital. All thanks to Charles's intervention”

Gunthorp, Peterborough