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Chiropodist Home Visits - Mobile Podiatrist

Peterborough Chiropody offer home visits. This page is not designed to discourage booking a home visit but to explain that for many capable of visiting the surgery a home visit is a false economy. Many patients find that coming into surgery for comprehensive treatment using professional equipment is far more cost effective.

"The problem with home visits is that you are very clinically compromised. I have always maintained that I simply cannot provide the same level of service in the comfort of someones home"
- Charles Sayegh, owner of Peterborough Chiropody & Podiatry


Working on a patients feet while seated at a chair does not compare with the being able to the access provided by the professional chiropodist couch.

Dust extraction

Dust extraction and water spray drill: allows me the benefit, for example, of being able to reduce the thickness of a nail. The dust extraction facility is needed, because, even if wearing a mask, without it, the risk of lung related problems is significantly higher.

The couch enables me to lift the patient up to a suitable/safe working height, this is particularly needed in order to treat heels safely and effectively.


The cost of a home visit is more than a surgery appointment.

When you consider that you also could be missing out

Testimonials from patients who switched from home visits to surgery appointments...

“We used to have someone who came to the house. We changed to Charles. Bill gets a thick nail which needs the use of Charles’s drill and the various attachments. This enables Charles to provide a more thorough service than we used to get. Also, with both of us, we do not need to have chiropody as often as we used to, as Charles is much more thorough”

Bill and Constance
Bristol Avenue, Werrington, Peterborough

“I used to have someone who did home visits. I now go to a Charles’s surgery and the service is much better, as I get much more done, particularly with regards to the heels, which previously were hardly touched”

Gary K
Winyates, Peterborough

“I have thickened nails. I used to go to someone to have them treated. The person that I went to, encouraged me to return after 6 weeks to have them reduced again. I have been going to see Charles for several years now. I find him much more thorough in his approach”

Walton, Peterborough

“1st class service once again. I have had loads of chiropodists in the past and Charles is definitely second to none”

Berne Dempsey
Whittlesey, Peterborough

“I used to have someone attend once every 6 weeks. Charles came at the end of May, did far more for my nails in 1 visit and I didn't need him until early November”

Park Ward, Peterborough

“Charles was concerned that something on my leg was taking a long time to heal (over 1 year). A nurse had been dealing with dressing the "ulcer". Although I attend his clinic for nail cutting, he was concerned at this and wrote to the GP so that a further investigation along separate lines could be carried out
(this was as a result of a lecture he had attended). As a result, the GP's surgery have taken a completely different approach to treating the problem and have referred me to the hospital. All thanks to Charles's intervention”

Gunthorp, Peterborough