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Chiropodist Services | Radiosurgery

Radiosurgery is a modern form of treatment that can be used to treat stubborn/painful corns and verrucas. It can also be used to treat ingrowing toe nails. This is the only clinic that offers radiosurgery closest too Peterborough. Huntingdon, South Lincolnshire and East Northamptonshire. The patient will receive an injection either at the base of a toe, or at the ankle, and won't be able to drive whilst the anaesthetic is in effect

Useful for stubborn corns

Stubborn or painful corns (especially useful for neurovascular corns): if a patient is comfortable for 6 weeks or less, or is never pain free after chiropody treatment, they will probably GAIN BENEFIT from this procedure. With patients who have painful corns that are "that bad", it is generally very successful.

A blunt electrode dessicates the upper layer of skin at the dermal-epidermal junction, dessication naturally occurring at the correct level. It dramatically improves the lesion, "resetting" the dermal epidermal junction.

The permanent "toothache" type pain goes, and the area heals up. With neurovascular corns, you may get a corn come back, but it will be a corn minus the neurovascular element.

The corn will require treatment far less often. As the procedure is self-limiting, there is no risk of scarring (you are not going as far as the dermis). Within a normal healing time of 1 week, 9 out of 10 are healed, the ones that are not may require a few more days. There is minimal bleeding with this technique.

Useful for some types of Verrucas

With these, the success rate of pretty much everything is pretty low. In terms of success rate, nothing else touches Radiosurgery for Verrucas. An electrode is used to cut the skin . The cell touching the wire is vapourised, the one next to it is untouched, it is therefore very precise: the lesion is excised. A single fibrous verrucas responds very well, a mosaic one responds less well. 

Key points

  • Radiosurgery is not suitable for extensive mosaic verrucas.
  • Although the electrode remains cold (Radiofrequency being used to heat the cells up), there is a possibility of scar formation.
  • As a verruca is caused by a virus, there is always a small chance that the verruca can recur
  • Healing may take between 2-4 weeks

The procedure

Performed under local anaesthetic, only the affected area is injected with anaesthetic and numbed.

The patient is awake throughout the surgery, still being able to feel their foot being moved but no pain will be felt.

Local anaesthetic
There are two types of Local Anaesthetic available:

Those local to the lesion, lasts a few hours, and is suitable for isolated lesions

Nerve block at the ankle: this will give full pain relief for at least 8 hours

Corn Radiosurgery before and after testimonials

The following are before and after photos. as well as
testimonials from customers that have had corn radiosurgery procedure carried out. In accordance with rules, all patients have given their consent for the photos to be published on my website.

Patient 1

In December 2014 Charles Sayegh treated a bad corn on my right foot. It was very painful and I was unable to wear any normal footwear. After treatment I can now wear all types of shoes without worry or pain. Margaret PE1

Patient 2

I have had the corn on my right small toe since childhood. When it has been treated it has only taken 2 weeks before feeling uncomfortable.  I had treatment with a machine which removed the corn and the toe has been pain free since. Anne,  PE3

Patient 3

Even after normal treatment, my corn was still a problem, whereas after the procedure, the corn has not returned, even
after a year. David PE4.

Patient 4

I had to go and work at the petrol storage place at Hemel Hempstead and had to wear some new boots that really hurt. After that my little toe on my left foot really hurt and painful as it had a core come on it., It had been painful for a   number of years. I had been to Charles Sayegh lots of times. In the end he took it out with a machine in January 2015. It has been four months now and it has been pain free since.

Geoff, PE3

Patient 5

I had a very painful corn. I was never pain free of it. It was bad again after a few days. I had a specialist procedure done 6 months ago and have pain free ever since, with no signs of it.  Val PE4

Patient 6

The above is a picture of a corn at initial presentation

The area now that the corn has been removed

the same area 2 days later.

Patient 7

What patients say

“Charles is extremely knowledgeable about his profession and gives good
accurate advice without any charge... having used his services over the last few years I would not go to back
to my previous chiropodist or any other chiropodist because I think Charles is
treats me fairly and effectively”

Gunthorpe, Peterborough

“When we came to Werrington, we initially had Charles for a home visit. During that visit, he said to us that he could do a far better service at his surgery, and were we absolutely sure that we couldn't get to his surgery. We have been attending his surgery ever since, and find him to be more thorough than the last person that we had, particularly with regards to my heels”

Werrington, Peterborough

“I have thickened nails. I used to go to someone to have them treated. The person that I went to, encouraged me to return after 6 weeks to have them reduced again. I have been going to see Charles for several years now. I find him much more thorough in his approach”

Walton, Peterborough

“I used to have someone else but they were on holiday once and I couldn't get an appointment when I wanted one . I went to see Charles. At the first appointment, the first thing that Charles noticed was the fact that I had athletes foot. I have never ever been told this in several appointments over a time frame by the
other chiropodist. He said that the length of time that I had had the athletes foot untreated explained why I had developed fungal nails. He also gave me both short term, and long term advice on how to deal with this / the prognosis. I also have hard skin. He told me how to prevent this / delay it from returning.
And I am not talking about me using a foot file. either! The other person never once told me this. Although the cost of the appointment itself is more expensive than the other person, I find Charles far better value for money”

Hampton, Peterborough

“I used to have someone attend once every 6 weeks. Charles came at the end of May, did far more for my nails in 1 visit and I didn't need him until early November”

Park Ward, Peterborough

“Charles was concerned that something on my leg was taking a long time to heal (over 1 year). A nurse had been dealing with dressing the "ulcer". Although I attend his clinic for nail cutting, he was concerned at this and wrote to the GP so that a further investigation along separate lines could be carried out
(this was as a result of a lecture he had attended). As a result, the GP's surgery have taken a completely different approach to treating the problem and have referred me to the hospital. All thanks to Charles's intervention”

Gunthorp, Peterborough