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Charles Sayegh
is owner and practiotioner at Peterborough Chiropody..

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Cosmetic Podiatry: Modern cosmetic toe nail corrections

Is their something I can do about unsightly or ugly toenails?

Dentists have been doing cosmetic work for years. Now, using a gel that they use, we can now offer nail reconstruction.

Cosmetic toe nails for the feet help:-

Men and women with thick or fungal nails, any patient with discoloured or slight imperfections in their toenails, or any patient that would like perfect looking nails for an occasion can benefit from this service.

Heather came to us unhappy with the way her toes looked
ugly toenails
We removed the toenail
ugly toenails
We applied gel and fix
ugly toenails
Heather is much happier with the look of her toes and feet
ugly toenails

Peterborough Podiatry uses Wilde-Pedique

Wilde-Pedique is a light cured gel. It can be used for toe nail correction and prosthesis. The UV-light, has been used for dental infillings for years, and doesn’t cause melanoma. Also, chiropodists can use a drill to reduce thickened nails, beauty therapists can’.t

The Wilde-Pedique’s system is a one component, light cured, Acrylester resin developed specifically for corrective and restorative toenail treatments. It has hypoallergenic characteristics with no specific contra-indications to its usage, along with durability and a high quality finish that does not discolour.

Wilde-Pedique is an effective treatment for clients who have nails damaged by trauma, thickening of the nails (Onychauuxis), corns under the nail plate (Subungal) and for those who may have an infected nail matrix (fungal) and who may be taking, orally, a systemic fungicide to deal with any internal infection.

The overlay is also effective with scaly surfaces, in-growing toenails, ridges, deformations, masking discoloration and for protecting newly growing toenails. The resin, which is an elastic gel, adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet and will protect the bone beneath the nail plate area by acting as a scaffolding and shock absorber. The resin is especially ideal for important occasions like weddings and parties where a nail can be applied as a temporary measure to skin if the whole nail has been lost.