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Peterborough Podiatry

Charles Sayegh
is owner and practiotioner at Peterborough Chiropody..

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Benefits of Surgery

Dust extraction and water spray drill: allows me the benefit, for example, of being able to reduce the thickness of a nail. The dust extraction facility is needed, because, even if wearing a mask, without it, the risk of lung related problems is significantly higher.

The couch: enables me to lift the patient up to a suitable/safe working height, this is particularly needed in order to treat heels safely and effectively.

hard skin heel foot peterboroughheel hardskin removal peterborough

In these mid treatment/post treatment photos, the couch has been used to lift the patient upto a suitable working height, and a scalpel and drill have been used to remove hard skin from the heel and smoothen it.


In order to provide the best possible service to patients, I have purposely invested in a well-
equipped surgery.

The problem with home visits is that you are very clinically compromised. I have always maintained that I simply cannot provide the same level of service, “in the comfort of your own home.”

In the photos from the treatment room you will see my water spray/dust extraction drill. This
is used to:

1. Reduce thickened nails: particularly imperative when treating a diabetic patient.
2. Go down the side of nails (where they are slightly ingrowing) or remove thickened
skin that has accumulated.
3. Smoothen of dry skin.

This drill is not designed for home visits. Although there are some drills available on the
market that are for home visits, they do not offer adequate dust extraction*.

Whenever someone telephones and enquires about a home visit, the following is always
said and made crystal clear:

“Are you absolutely certain that you cannot come to the surgery, as it obviously would be
much cheaper, and a far better quality of service is available.The reason that I say this, is because I have been in situations on home visits, in which I have had to say to a customer, for example,“I am sorry Mrs. Jones, but I am in a very awkward/difficult position. It is next to impossible to do a half-decent job, let alone a decent one. I realise that your mobility may be impaired, but if you want your thickened nails doing properly, you are going to have to come to my surgery**”

...and the patient has been able to attend the surgery in the end. The patient/their relative originally thought that a home visit would be more convenient!

Customer Recommendations

“We used to have someone who came to the house. We changed to Charles. Bill gets a thick nail which needs the use of Charles’s drill and the various attachments. This enables Charles to provide a more thorough service than we used to get. Also, with both of us, we do not need to have chiropody as often as we used to, as Charles is much more thorough.” Bill and Constance of Bristol Avenue, Werrington.

“I used to have someone who did home visits. I now go to a Charles’s surgery and the service is much better, as I get much more done, particularly with regards to the heels, which previously were hardly touched.” Gary K, Winyates, Peterborough.

“1st class service once again. I have had loads of chiropodists in the past and Charles is definitely second to none.” Berne Dempsey, Whittlesey.

* With regards to asthma, podiatrists have an incidence 4 times the average. Source: Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists 2006 Brighton Conference.

**If you are not satisfied, for example, that your nails have been reduced sufficiently, you will simply be politely reminded that the drill needed to achieve that is only available at the surgery.