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Chiropodist Services | Nail Treatment & Nail surgery

From simple nail cutting to treating thickened nails, fungal nails and nail surgery for ingrown nails.

Nail Cutting

As well as doing simple nail cutting, I also deal with thickened nails, as well as nails that are curled in (involuting).

I am also qualified to treat ingrowing toe nails using Nail Surgery and sell/supply specific antibiotics for foot more on nail surgery

Ingrown toenails

Short term and long term treatment for Callous, Hard skin, soft and hard more about footcare for hard skin callous and corns

Thickened Nails

Radiosurgery is a modern form of treatment that can be used to treat stubborn/painful corns and verrucas. It can also be used to treat ingrowing toe nails... read more about radiosurgery

Fungal nail infections

Treatment of fungalnail infections

Nail Treatment: Before & After

In accordance with rules, all patients have given their consent for the photos to be published on my website. Please note that I could not have achieved the same outcome "in the comfort of your own home".

Patient 1

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient 2

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient 3

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient 4

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient 5

This patient was referred to me by a doctor's surgery to have the nail removed due to having a "septic toe". It was not a septic toe, it didn't need any antibiotics. It just needed to be reduced in thickness! The 1st 2 photos are before photos taken at different angles, and the last 2 are the after photos

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient 6

Before treatment

After treatment

Patient 7

Before treatment

After 6 weeks of a very painful in-growing toe nail, and after 2 visits by two practitioners, with no relief from the pain of my now inflamed toe nail I decided to go private with chiropodist Charles Sayegh recommended by a friend and I am pleased to report that he made a very good job of my toe nail and I am now pain free. Wendy, PE4

Patient 8

Before treatment

After treatment

Please note that due to the thickness of the nail, the nail bed has been compressed, causing a sub-ungual haematoma, which are the black marks in the nail bed.

Nail surgery

NailSurgery involves removing a section of nail under local anaesthetic followed by
a procedure to destroy the nail matrix. I use Radiosurgery to destroy the nail matrix.

Benefits of Radio Surgery v Phenol

As well as having an identical success rate, this method has advantages over phenol:-

Control: it is very precise
in what you ablate, there is no risk of accidentally flooding the toe with phenol and burning it, as the probe only touches the part you want it to

Improved healing times: between 1-3 weeks

Safety: With a high-risk patient
diabetic/impaired circulation, or a borderline surgery patient, it is much safer

Wound: You get a very clean wound with not much exudate. Less dressing is required compared to phenol

Speed: Radiosurgery is faster, with the same results, same final outcome, quicker healing time, less risk

Pre operative and post operative advice

Pre operative
You will be having a local anaesthetic in your toe. 

You will not be able to drive home after the procedure.

Bring a roomy pair of shoes, slippers or sandals to wear after the procedure.

If you are under 16 years of age, you will need a parent or guardian to sign the consent form

Post operative

Go straight home and rest. Put your feet up (ideally foot should be higher than your knee).

Keep standing & walking to a minimum. Gently move the toe regularly while sitting.

Avoid sports and swimming during the healing period. If you experience any pain, take some painkillers (follow instructions on the containers).

Do not take Aspirin. This may cause your toe to bleed. A small amount of bleeding is normal. If blood appears on the tubigauze, do not remove the dressing.

 Apply another dressing on top and elevate the foot.

If the dressing comes off, follow the instructions for “Dressing your toe” below. After the first 48 hours redress your toe daily. If showering or bathing, always redress your toe afterwards.

If you experience a great deal of pain or any other problems, please contact the clinic or GP surgery as soon as possible.
Dressings can be purchased from the chemist. Please ask for Melonin, Release, Tubinette size 12, micropore/mefix tape.

Dressing your toe

Use a bowl or container large enough to immerse your foot. Make sure the bowl/container is clean by rinsing in boiling water or wiping with antiseptic (e.g. Dettol).

Wash your hands before and after the dressing.

Remove all of the dressing. Bathe the toe for 2-3 minutes in lukewarm water with a heaped tablespoon of ordinary salt added. Soak off the dressing if it appears to be stuck.

Allow your toe to “dry” for 10 minutes in air before redressing. Do not use a towel or cotton wool.

Apply a Release dressing to your toe and secure at the back of your toe with tape. Over this, apply a double layer of

Measure a piece of Tubegauze three times the length of your toe.
the first layer on, twist the end twice and apply then second layer. Secure
with tape.

Nail surgery: Before and after

The following are before and after photos. as well as
testomnials from customeers that have had the needling procedure carried out. In accordance with rules, all
patients have given their consent for the photos to be published on my website.

Patient 1

This is an ingrowing toe nail before the start of the procedure

This is the same toe, with the problematic section of nail removed.

Patient 2

An ingrown toe nail, before treatment, the problematic part of nail removed, and finally, the nail bed cells killed off (electrodessicated by blanching).

Patient 3

An ingrowing toe nail and the problematic part of nails removed.

Patient 4

An ingrown toe nail, a tool being used to separate the nail from the nail bed, the problematic part of nail removed, and finally, the same part but the nail bed cells having been killed off.

Patient 5

This infected big toe had been looked at and treated very recently by a practitioner & 2 courses of antibiotics taken but toe still not right - the patient had been told that it was hard skin deep down (not true). Unless the spike of nail causing the problem is removed, antibiotics are not going to do a thing long
term, apart from the problem returning and increasing the problem of antibiotic resistance.

it's very clear a Partial Nail Resection isn't going to do any good. The nail plate is too wide and needs nail surgery:

Two days post-op:

Patient 6

With the following patient, the nail hurt when pressure was applied.

Nail surgery was used to remove the nail, as the only other option was to periodically grind down the nail.

And this is what it looks like 3 weeks post-operatively:

What patients say

“Charles is extremely knowledgeable about his profession and gives good accurate advice without any charge... having used his services over the last few years I would not go to back
to my previous chiropodist or any other chiropodist because I think Charles treats me fairly and effectively”

Gunthorpe, Peterborough

“When we came to Werrington, we initially had Charles for a home visit. During that visit, he said to us that he could do a far better service at his surgery, and were we absolutely sure that we couldn't get to his surgery. We have been attending his surgery ever since, and find him to be more thorough than the last person that we had, particularly with regards to my heels”

Werrington, Peterborough

“I have thickened nails. I used to go to someone to have them treated. The person that I went to, encouraged me to return after 6 weeks to have them reduced again. I have been going to see Charles for several years now. I find him much more thorough in his approach”

Walton, Peterborough

“I used to have someone else but they were on holiday once and I couldn't get an appointment when I wanted one . I went to see Charles. At the first appointment, the first thing that Charles noticed was the fact that I had athletes foot. I have never ever been told this in several appointments over a time frame by the
other chiropodist. He said that the length of time that I had had the athletes foot untreated explained why I had developed fungal nails. He also gave me both short term, and long term advice on how to deal with this / the prognosis. I also have hard skin. He told me how to prevent this / delay it from returning.
And I am not talking about me using a foot file. either! The other person never once told me this. Although the cost of the appointment itself is more expensive than the other person, I find Charles far better value for money”

Hampton, Peterborough

“I used to have someone attend once every 6 weeks. Charles came at the end of May, did far more for my nails in 1 visit and I didn't need him until early November”

Park Ward, Peterborough

“Charles was concerned that something on my leg was taking a long time to heal (over 1 year). A nurse had been dealing with dressing the "ulcer". Although I attend his clinic for nail cutting, he was concerned at this and wrote to the GP so that a further investigation along separate lines could be carried out
(this was as a result of a lecture he had attended). As a result, the GP's surgery have taken a completely different approach to treating the problem and have referred me to the hospital. All thanks to Charles's intervention”

Gunthorp, Peterborough