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Charles Sayegh
is owner and practiotioner at Peterborough Chiropody..

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Posture Control Insoles ™ The Intelligent alternative to orthotics

“If you’re not correcting posture…the best your patients can hope for is temporary relief”

What would you prefer (particularly if you are a child)

Something bulky and rigid like this?

Or something slim and flexible like this?

Why not use orthotics?/Fundamentals for understanding Posture Control Insoles

Posture Control Insoles are offered as a natural alternative to traditional orthotics and arch supports. Instead of restricting foot motion, Posture Control Insoles enhance normal foot motion by providing tactile stimulation to the bottom of the feet (propioception). The tactile feedback synchronizes foot motion, pronation, and supination, more closely with the natural motion of the hips. See the rotation of the hip in the postural photos!

In a survey of chiropractors conducted by GRD Bio Tech, Inc:

Unlike orthotics and arch supports, the ultra thin, flexible design does not interfere with normal ability to feel the ground. They therefore make compliance (particularly in children) much better. The tactile stimulation causes the hip to rotate and this has an effect on the rest of the body. In fact according to Martin Haines (a physiotherapist who has trained athletes like Daley Thompson and Linford Christie), 60% of biomechanical knee problems originate from the hip. See the rotation of the hip in the postural photos.

How I assess

I firstly measure how far off the big toe is from the ground when a specific joint in the foot is in neutral. I photograph them standing still. I then simply place some wedges beneath their feet, get them to bend their knees, and then take another photograph. The camera is on a tripod, and a cable is used to take the photograph so that the camera does not move at all. This way, an accurate picture can be given as to how the patient responds to the wedges. I can also view the postural shifts on a computer screen.

Conditions Treated

Foot Specific; Ball of foot pain, Nerve Pain (Mortons Neuroma), Arch Pain, Heel Pain, Preventing Bunions and hammer toes

Lower Extremity; Ankle and knee pain, Runners Knee, Shin Splints,Tight IT Bands, General Tired and sore calf muscles.

Hip and Low Back; SI Joint Pain, Muscle spasms, Swayback, Hip pain, Low-backpain

Upper body; Back shoulder and Neck pain, TM Joint Dysfunction, Tension Headaches

General posture and Athletic performance improvements

Examples of Postural Shifts plus testimonials

In the 'before and after' photos below you will see a shift in posture. While the feet have not moved position wise, the entire posture, especially the hips have changed. This change in pelvic alignment is key to the long term benefits of posture control insoles.

Reg H, Gunthorpe; Suffered from lower back pain


"I used to have bad lower back pain. The pain gradually improved when I started to wear the Posture Control Insoles, going completely after 1 week. My balance is also much better, giving me more confidence."

Gary K, Wynyates; Lower back pain and ankle pain


"I was prescribed some Posture Control Insoles for my low back pain, and ankle pain. My low back pain used to be severe during the day, aching all of the time. Now it is fine. My ankles used to click all the time. Now, they are fine"




"Jack used to have very bad balance. Now that he wears the insoles, he has been more in control. Also, he used to have constant pains and discomfort in his left knee, but that has improved with the insoles. His knee cap went from side to side without an insole. Now it stays in place the majority of the time."

Sheila; Back Neck and Shoulder Pain


"I used to get lower back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. As a result of wearing some Posture Control Insoles, within 2 weeks, it went. When I used to turn over in bed, it was agony, not anymore! My family have also commented that I am now walking better!"

Other Peterborough patient recommendations:-

Dot Hodgson, All Saints Road

"I have been attending a Chiropractor’s clinic for the last 20 years. This was due to an excruciatingly painful back. Initially it was diagnosed as a slipped disc, and subsequently spondylitis. The condition is up and down in terms of flaring up. Last Christmas, my back went into spasm and I continued to have treatment at the clinic. I was having pain down my left leg, with the sciatic nerve, and up in my neck. I was prescribed some Posture Control Insoles. These have been a great help in controlling the pain I have in my left leg and have experienced improvement in my back and in the pain in my neck. Nowadays I am able to walk further relatively pain free, which I have not been able to do for a very long time."



"You can see how the posture control insoles change Vals posture"

Posture Control Insoles in the Media: Reports and Reviews(PDF's)

Posture Control insoles have been picking up a lot of interest in the Podiatry world, the following is a sample of some of the attention they are receiving